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Herbs for the kidney and urinary system with Dr. Sally Moorcroft

Revealing the secrets of botanical medicine in treating urinary and kidney health, Dr. Sally Moorcroft discusses the vital link between the gut microbiome and urinary function. Hear real-life success stories of patients finding relief from chronic conditions through herbal interventions.

This episode delves into the often overlooked area of urinary and kidney health which affects a significant portion of the population. Dr. Moorcroft sheds light on the intricate ways in which our gut microbiome, hormonal balance, and even our stress levels can impact these vital organs.

Also, Sally explores estrogen dominance and its ramifications on women's well-being, especially throughout the menopausal phase. Dr. Moorcroft elucidates her method of addressing these hormonal fluctuations through a blend of herbal remedies and dietary adjustments.


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