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Our Clinical Services

We offer both in person clinics in Lincolnshire and Norfolk, and online remote consultations.  

Our expert and friendly Clinical Team can answer your questions and tailor your needs and budget to the right practitioner

At the Northern Centre of Integrative and Functional Medicine we use a Personalised, Integrative and Functional Medicine approach to healthcare in our award winning centre.

Where would you like to start your journey to optimum health ?

Functional Medicine Consultations

Functional Medicine

Linconshire / Remote

Do you struggle with complex or chronic health conditions or would you like to optimise your health? 

Our passion leads us to support you at every stage of life. Using a personalised integrative and functional medicine approach we love to empower each and every person to take back control of their body and mind.

Hormone & Thyroid Clinic

Hormone & Thyroid Clinic

Linconshire / Remote

Do you struggle with hormonal imbalance, mood swings, fatigue or brain fog? 

Using nutrition, movement, herbal and homeopathic medicines, acupuncture, mindfulness, holistic therapies, bio-identical hormone therapy and natural dessicated thyroid we address the root cause of hormone imbalance while easing symptoms.

Gut Health & Healing Linconshire / Norfolk / Remote

Gut Health & Healing

Linconshire / Norfolk / Remote

Do you struggle with digestive problems or food sensitives? 

With over 10 years of working in this area, we know that a healthy gut is vital for a healthy body and mind and many chronic health conditions are rooted in poor digestion or gut flora imbalance.

Nutritional Clinic Linconshire / Norfolk / Remote

Nutritional Clinic

Linconshire / Norfolk / Remote

Utilising dietary changes is our priority within nutritional therapy.

We are passionate about food, farming and the connection to where our food comes from. We use science and detailed understanding of each patient’s medical history, genetics, biochemical and lifestyle factors to create a personalised plan which suits your lifestyle and budget.

Herbal Medicine

We believe that nature provides some of the most powerful remedies for healing and restoration.

Our expertise in herbal medicine allows us to create personalised treatment plans that treat the root cause of your health issues and promote long-term wellness.

Trust us to guide you on your path to optimal health.

Children Clinic Linconshire / Norfolk / Remote

Children's Clinic

Linconshire / Norfolk / Remote

Is your child or teen struggling with digestive issues, allergies, attention or concentration issues, anxiety, poor sleep, skin conditions, fatigue or hyperactivity or low immunity? 

Our specialist children's and teenager clinic offers our unique integrative approach to health tailored to ensure your child feels supported and understood with a nutrition plan that works for the whole family.

Wellbeing Check Linconshire / Remote

Wellbeing Check

Linconshire / Remote

Do you have some niggling health concerns that you would like reassurance on?

We are passionate about supporting people on their health journeys, from identifying health conditions early to helping you make the changes needed to ensure you can stay vital and active whatever your age.

Our downloadable programmes

At NCIFM, we understand that busy schedules and life commitments can often get in the way of taking care of our health in the way that we would like.

That’s why we offer downloadable programs from our highly experienced team that can be followed from the comfort of your own home. With on demand content we explain the root causes and treatment of health problems, talk you through the science and share our clinical expertise. With food plans and recipe ideas alongside information on herbal products, supplements and the recommended dosages and safety issues plus downloadable lifestyle plans and information on how to use our Dr Sally's Botanical products, our on line programmes empower you to support your own health.  

If you can’t come into our clinic for consultation, we have your health needs covered.

On demand

Happy Hormones - Part 1 Adolescence through to Perimenopause

Dr Sally Moorcroft


On demand

Happy Hormones  - Part 2 Perimenopause and Flourishing through Menopause

Dr Sally Moorcroft


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