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Repeat BHRT Prescription Service

This Service is for existing NCIFM Clinic patients who require a repeat prescription in order to continue their current treatment.
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How does it work

The Repeat Prescription Service is available to patients who:

  • Have seen a NCIFM Clinic doctor in the last 12 months

  • Do not wish to change or discuss their current treatment

Before you start the questionnaire, please check that you fit the criteria for a prescription refill. 

This service does not replace an appointment with one of our doctors.


Once you submit the questionnaire, one of our clinicians will review your responses and determine if you are eligible for a prescription.


The service costs £20.

Please note you must still order your medication from Specialist Pharmacy as usual.


If the clinician concludes that you should not continue your treatment until you have spoken to your doctor, you will be issued a refund.


If you would like a repeat BHRT prescription please complete the details below.

Datet of Birth
Confirm the date you require the prescription
The BHRT prescription service costs £20 *Please note the price does not include the cost of your medicine.
Dr Moorcroft writing rescriptions
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