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Swedish Bitters - herbs to aid digestion

Updated: Jan 4


Bitters got its name from the 18th century Swedish Physician Dr Claus Samst, who was said to have lived till 104.

Swedish Bitters contain a mix of medicinal herbs which have been used traditionally to help stimulate digestion. They help to encourage good appetite and improve digestion and absorption. Swedish Bitters are also anti-inflammatory, contain natural antimicrobials and anti-tumour properties.

The action of bitters begins by stimulating the bitter receptors in the mouth, this signals the secretion of digestive juices, enzymes and bile throughout the digestive tract.

When the digestive system is not functioning at its optimum it can make one feel quite unwell, causing discomfort, bloating, pain, excess wind, malaise and lethargy. When digestive issues resolve it can be transformational in energy levels and general wellbeing.

People who have occasional digestive issues may benefit from the replenishing, warming, stimulating effects of Swedish Bitters.

To be used occasionally at times of digestive difficulty or congestion. For long term digestive issues it would be recommended to see a practitioner.


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