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A 10-part programme designed to support practitioners beginning their Functional Medicine journey.

Would you like to start practicing functional medicine, but you don’t know how to make the leap or where to start?

Would you like to build your confidence in functional medicine, whilst also understanding your strengths and niche?

Would you like to have support from a successful practice to make this transition?

In collaboration with experts in their field, this programme will give you the skills and confidence to put your passion into practice. Join, Dr Sally Moorcroft and her team for an empowering and insightful group programme.

Aimed at new practitioners, we have designed this unique programme to offer you the tools and confidence to succeed.

Listen to an interview with Dr Sally Moorcroft explaining more details of the programme >>


  • Newly trained functional and integrative medicine doctors, nutritional therapists, medical students, herbalists, and any other health professionals looking and able to practice functional and integrative medicine.

Who is the mentoring programme for?



  • Support and expertise from two clinical lead practitioners. Together they have a wealth of knowledge, with over 30 years of clinical experience in running successful busy practices.

  • Knowledge of the logistics of practice start up and how to create efficient and patient led systems.

  • Confidence in nutritional therapy, supplement use and choice, as well as botanicals and herbs.

  • How to build a practitioner-patient relationship and the importance of the therapeutic relationship.

  • Understanding which functional testing are the most valuable to your patient, when to choose them, and which labs to use.

  • An in-depth session on Microbiome testing, presented by guest speakers Invivo Healthcare, who are leaders in microbiome health.

  • The importance of checking nutritional and drug interactions with Debbie Grayson.

  • How to manage complex cases with case studies.

  • Each practitioner will have the opportunity to complete psychometric testing to understand their own strengths and weaknesses. This is so important and relevant to building and developing your own practice and network, as well as understanding how you want to practice. Terri McNerney will guide you in coaching sessions to help you make that all important leap with confidence.

How will the course help me and what will I gain?


  • Genova diagnostic’s will guide your through the Metabolomix test in a 1-hour special bonus hour.

  • Facebook support, moderated by our clinical leaders for 4 weeks after completing the course.

  • 2 x 1-hour live 'tea break' support meetings in 2025, to answer any further questions you might have about practice start up and the challenges this might bring. Helping you to feel supported throughout your journey transitioning into practice.

  • Each participant will receive a box of Dr Sally’s happy gut tea and 10% off the botanical range.

Bonus Material


Who are we?

The Northern Centre of Integrative and Functional Medicine (NCIFM), co-founded by sisters Helen Quirke and Dr Sally Moorcroft is based at Orchard Barn, Lincolnshire with a satellite clinic at 2 Chapel Yard in Holt, Norfolk.

We are passionate about offering trusted, professional, and expert health and wellbeing services. With a highly qualified and expert team of experienced practitioners we work together offering a multidisciplinary approach to patient care.

Who are the course leaders?

Dr Sally Moorcroft

Integrative and Functional Medical Doctor and Clinical Lead

Dr. Moorcroft has 20 years of clinical experience and is one of the most highly trained Integrative and Functional Medicine doctors in the UK. She is also a Core Tutor at the National Centre of Integrated Medicine in Bristol (NCIM). Combining functional and nutritional medicine, herbal medicine, homeopathy, bio-identical hormone and natural desiccated thyroid therapy in her clinic. She has a special interest in women's health, menopause, gut health and psychology.

Nathalie Gudgeon

Registered Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (RNTP)


Nathalie is our nutrition clinical lead, mentoring and training all our new practitioners and leading the Nutritional Therapy team. She has over 13 years of clinical experience, highly skilled at understanding her patients, the complexities of their lives and supporting them in making sustainable changes. Nathalie's experience is broad from children's nutrition, gut and immune imbalances, hormone health and metabolic health. She has worked closely with Dr Sally Moorcroft supporting her Hormone Clinic for several years.

Terri Mcnerney

Guest Tutor
Strengths-Based Executive & Group Coach, Inspire the Best


Terri McNerney is the Founder and Managing Partner at Inspire the Best. She has over thirty years of coaching and consulting experience, specialising in Executive & Leadership Team Coaching and facilitation, with a key focus on developing leaders and enhancing business performance.

Terri will be delivering the coaching sessions in the mentor programme, with a focus on psychometric testing. This is an opportunity for you to realise and consider your strengths and weaknesses moving into clinical practice, as well as your niche. The coaching session will close out our mentor programme, with a focus on building confidence and your own empowerment.

Lesley Harper

Guest Tutor
Clinical Educator at Invivo Healthcare

Lesley has been providing individual consultations and workshops to various organisations, course tutors for NT students, has provided sessions for first and second-year medical students, and for several years ran nutrition workshops for fitness retreats. Lesley continues to run a private practice specialising in clients with chronic gut issues.

Lesley will be delivering the microbiome testing session on behalf of Invivo Laboratories for the NCIFM practitioner mentoring programme. Invivo offers microbiome testing, to appreciate the 'ecosystem' within the gut, oral cavity, vagina and urinary tract. A great opportunity to learn about the value of microbiome testing from a microbiome expert.

Debbie Grayson

Guest Tutor
Pharmacist and Nutritional Therapist

With over 25 years of experience as a highly respected pharmacist Debbie has an in-depth knowledge of how medicines work. Adding nutritional therapy to her toolkit she has spent the past 10 years supporting patients to minimise the effect of medication on digestion and nutritional status. She is recognised as the expert in this field and spends much of her time training and supporting other practitioners to apply this knowledge in their practice too. She is known to many as the Godmother of Pharmacology, a title which matches her approachable style and sense of humour. She mentors hundreds of practitioners to safely apply these principles in her clinical mentorship programmes.

Debbie will be running a basic session on drug/nutrient interactions. This session aims to support practitioners to make safe and effective supplement choices for their patient. Debbie will summarise the methods used to assess interactions, the mechanisms of drug interactions and how to make decisions based on a through assessment.

Join us for this empowering and insightful group programme!
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Transitioning into Integrative and Functional Medicine Practice:
NCIFM Group Mentoring Programme

Friday 10-12 am
6th September, 13th September, 20th September, 27th September, 4th October, 11th October, 18th October, 25th October, 8th November, 15th November
EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT 10%: £1215 (up until 30 June)
Payment  is required to reserve your place.  
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